fpm_cmd_new Module

Definition of the “new” subcommand

A type of the general command base class fpm_cmd_settings was created for the “new” subcommand ==> type fpm_new_settings. This procedure read the values that were set on the command line from this type to decide what actions to take.

It is virtually self-contained and so independant of the rest of the application that it could function as a separate program.

The “new” subcommand options currently consist of a SINGLE top directory name to create that must have a name that is an allowable Fortran variable name. That should have been ensured by the command line processing before this procedure is called. So basically this routine has already had the options vetted and just needs to conditionally create a few files.

As described in the documentation it will selectively create the subdirectories app/, test/, src/, and example/ and populate them with sample files.

It also needs to create an initial manifest file “fpm.toml”.

It then calls the system command “git init”.

It should test for file existence and not overwrite existing files and inform the user if there were conflicts.

Any changes should be reflected in the documentation in fpm_command_line.f90

FUTURE A filename like “.” would need system commands or a standard routine like realpath(3c) to process properly.

Perhaps allow more than one name on a single command. It is an arbitrary restriction based on a concensus preference, not a required limitation.

Initially the name of the directory is used as the module name in the src file so it must be an allowable Fortran variable name. If there are complaints about it it might be changed. Handling unicode at this point might be problematic as not all current compilers handle it. Other utilities like content trackers (ie. git) or repositories like github might also have issues with alternative names or names with spaces, etc. So for the time being it seems prudent to encourage simple ASCII top directory names (similiar to the primary programming language Fortran itself).

Should be able to create or pull more complicated initial examples based on various templates. It should place or mention other relevant documents such as a description of the manifest file format in user hands; or how to access registered packages and local packages, although some other command might provide that (and the help command should be the first go-to for a CLI utility).


public subroutine cmd_new(settings)

TOP DIRECTORY NAME PROCESSING see if requested new directory already exists and process appropriately temporarily change to new directory as a test. NB: System dependent


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(fpm_new_settings), intent(in) :: settings