lower Function

public pure elemental function lower(str, begin, end) result(string)

Changes a string to lowercase over optional specified column range


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
character(len=*), intent(in) :: str
integer, intent(in), optional :: begin
integer, intent(in), optional :: end

Return Value character(len=len(str))


Source Code

Source Code

elemental pure function lower(str,begin,end) result (string)

    character(*), intent(In)     :: str
    character(len(str))          :: string
    integer,intent(in),optional  :: begin, end
    integer                      :: i
    integer                      :: ibegin, iend
    string = str

    ibegin = 1
    if (present(begin))then
        ibegin = max(ibegin,begin)

    iend = len_trim(str)
    if (present(end))then
        iend= min(iend,end)

    do i = ibegin, iend                               ! step thru each letter in the string in specified range
        select case (str(i:i))
        case ('A':'Z')
            string(i:i) = char(iachar(str(i:i))+32)     ! change letter to miniscule
        case default
        end select
    end do

end function lower