archiver_t Derived Type

type, public :: archiver_t

Definition of archiver object


Source Code


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
character(len=:), public, allocatable :: ar

Path to archiver

logical, public :: echo = .true.

Print all command

logical, public :: use_response_file = .false.

Use response files to pass arguments

logical, public :: verbose = .true.

Verbose output of command

Type-Bound Procedures

procedure, public, :: make_archive

Create static archive

  • public subroutine make_archive(self, output, args, log_file, stat)

    Create an archive


    Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
    class(archiver_t), intent(in) :: self

    Instance of the archiver object

    character(len=*), intent(in) :: output

    Name of the archive to generate

    type(string_t), intent(in) :: args(:)

    Object files to include into the archive

    character(len=*), intent(in) :: log_file

    Compiler output log file

    integer, intent(out) :: stat

    Status flag

Source Code

type :: archiver_t
    !> Path to archiver
    character(len=:), allocatable :: ar
    !> Use response files to pass arguments
    logical :: use_response_file = .false.
    !> Print all command
    logical :: echo = .true.
    !> Verbose output of command
    logical :: verbose = .true.
    !> Create static archive
    procedure :: make_archive
end type archiver_t